No Compromise - No-Quarter!

Pirate is a revolutionary new social media platform with NO central authority. A decentralized network where each user hosts their own personal website app or "Galleon", which also transforms into their own social media profile.

These website apps, or 'Galleons' as we like to call them, are hosted for free on platforms like Netlify and GitHub, offering a decentralized network powered by the spirit of digital freedom.

Your voice matters. Every post you make is an entry, a testament to your individuality, and a piece of content that remains unequivocally yours.

The Pirate platform encourages active content curation, where 'liking' a website contributes to a custom timeline, offering a personalized journey through the digital world.

We proudly hoist our black and white Jolly Roger as a symbol of our commitment to stand against corporate influence, central ownership, and censorship.

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Pirate Runs Free Of Cost

Pirates have NO monthly costs.

Cloud Hosting

Virtually all sites operate month-to-month for FREE or low cost.
Pay only when your site uses a LOT of data.


Complete integration with Google Analytics. Simply paste your account tracking code into the CMS settings.

Track your website performance for FREE!


Complete Shopify API integration with Shopify shopping cart built-in. Get FULL Shopify functionality directly inside your site.

Shopify API costs $8.99mo.

Social Sharing

Why pay for plugins just to allow for your users to share your content? Social sharing is built-in, along with other great features.


AdFree YouTube

We use AdFree YouTube to remove ads. This means you have complete control of your videos without any ads.

AdFree YouTube FREE!


We use and with their generous 100 comments a month.

FREE! Comments without ads

Pirate includes:

  • User-installable PWA (Progressive Web Apps) which means your site can be installed on any device without the need for expensive and complex App Stores.
  • Hosting on Global Edge Network (the cloud)
  • Automated backups with intant rollbacks to any version.
  • FREE - 100GB/Mo Bandwidth
  • FREE - 100 Site Form Submits per Mo
  • FREE Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Cert (https://)
  • Customizable with your own domain name
  • Responsive Design, built with React and Gatsby
  • Dark / Light Mode (also full support for all web accessibility guidelines)

Pirate Features:

  • Custom Homepage with Resume and Skills sections
  • Edit website settings, Change colors, logos, etc all from within the CMS.
  • 100% SEO Optimized - Google LOVES Pirate.
  • Contact Form - an integrated contact form on all pages of the your site, that sends everything right to your email inbox.
  • Social Media Icons - link to all your sites and allow users to easily share your content
  • OpenGraph structured data - all of site is structured to be shared with high quality image links on social sites
  • Twitter Cards meta - Your pages will look great when shared on Twitter
  • XML Sitemaps - Your entire site is automatically indexed and links provided to search engines.
  • Your Stuff is SAFE - All stored in native image formats and markdown files that are downloadable at any time

Pro Features:

  • Customize all content of included Homepage, About and Contact page. Add / Modify / Delete blog posts.
  • Edit website settings, Add Google Analytics change colors, settings, logos, etc all from within the CMS.
  • Hide/Show Comments, Social Sharing, or User-interactivity (youtube video changer) on a post-by-post basis
  • Control YouTube videos with starting/stopping times, loop, mute, etc..
  • Custom Ad-Free YouTube Player
  • Full Privacy Compliance Support (GDPR and CCPA).
  • PWA Exclusive Content (make some of your content only available to your site's user base - great to boost engagement!)
  • Drop Timers - Easily create your own Drops. Make posts appear when your NFT drops. Just add the drop date and time
  • E-Newsletter Form - Build your email newsletter by allowing peole to easily sign up

How It Works

Set Sail:

At Pirate, your personal website is your Galleon in the digital sea. Your Galleon does double duty working as both your homepage, resume, and blog, as well as acting as your Helm to another world of Social Media. You're no landlubber, you're a Captain, steering your own course through the Social Media Seas.

Chart Your Course:

Your homepage, profile and timeline become your Captain's Log and your personal flag, flying high above the digital waves. Your posts are more than mere messages in a bottle, they're personal tales of your adventures in the vast sea of the internet.

Spyglass View:

Every ship you spot and "Plunder" enhances your view of the digital horizon. Your custom timeline transforms your voyage into a grand exploration of the treasures you've chosen to seek out.

High Seas Freedom:

Pirate is a haven from the corporate armada, from central rule, and from censorship. Every word you scribe and every tale you tell is unequivocally yours. It's about sailing under your own flag, following your own chart, and staking your claim in the digital world.

Shipmates Unite:

This platform is about building your crew on your terms. Your content is free from the manipulations of corporate quartermasters, allowing you to forge alliances based on authenticity and shared quests.

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Control your website and social media together in one app - easily installs onto your device so you have it with you at all times, even if you're offline.
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Scan your timelines faster and the way you want. Featuring a unique swipe OR scroll interface, your choice.
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Customize all aspects of your website in the app. Just love purple? Great, you can always be you!
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You control your timeline (and everything else), not some billionaire appeasing stockholders or their bottomline.

Technology Stack

Pirate is built on industry leading technologies, and is designed from the ground up, using the best, most secure and modern development technology available today.

Free yourself from the social media bonds and become your own Captain.

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